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See Your World More Clearly

Let us help you see the world more clearly when you choose any of our Premium, “State of the Art” lenses.  Choose from a wide array of Lens types and materials including: Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal, Progressive, Free-Form Digital, Wrap, and Specialty Lenses.

Superior Lens Protection

Protect your eyes and lenses with coatings that also enhance lens functionality.  Coating choices include: Zeiss® Super Anti-Reflective Coatings, Crizal® Anti-Reflective Coatings, Super Hard Coatings, UV-400, Transitions®, Polarized, Sunglass, Drivewear®, Mirrors, and Multi-Specialty coatings.

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The Finest Lens Materials  

Only 1st Quality Materials go into making all of our lenses including: Plastic, Polycarbonate, High-Index, Trivex®,  Safety, and Specialty. We also offer the latest generation of Transitions® brand lenses at the EyeWear House.

See better than ever before

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